Presenting the Belgrade Philharmonic’s New Concert Season

“We Have Really Missed You” is the slogan of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s new concert season, which Director Ivan Tasovac and Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz presented to our musicians today. Judging by the atmosphere in the orchestra during the presentation, the season from September 2021 to June 2022 will be full of musical enjoyment. The new season, featuring 25 programs, will see the return of the Belgrade Philharmonic and its audience to Kolarac Music Hall.

Addressing the musicians, Director Tasovac said: “It seems to me that we have never found it easier to come up with the new slogan because we have missed our audience and wanted so much to perform without any restrictions. I would like to congratulate all of you on this truly heroic season, which has set an unachievable standard for all other cultural institutions, both in the country and in the region. You have done a phenomenal job that we can all be very proud of. Also, we had several world-class critics as guests, who were delighted not only with the quality of the orchestra and its high level of playing, but also with the incredible inventiveness of the program thanks to our production team and Gabriel Feltz. Behind us are a record number of concerts and recordings and I hope we can look forward to coming back on the larger scale we are used to. Well done everyone!”

“Thank you all for this season, which was amazing, but also very difficult. The Belgrade Philharmonic has played continuously and that is a remarkable achievement. Only 30 orchestras in the whole world have been playing this year, and you are one of them. Also thank you for all the rehearsals; it was brutally difficult on several occasions, when we had complicated programs like Korngold or Schoenberg – kudos to all of you!” Gabriel Feltz said.

The Belgrade Philharmonic’s upcoming concert season will be marked by a combination of enjoyable concert programs and musical superstars, including violin virtuoso Nemanja Radulović, accordion prodigy Ksenija Sidorova, a whole series of world-class cellists such as Johannes Moser, Kian Soltani, Julian Steckel and Narek Haghnazarian, then also Guy Eshed, first flutist of the Israeli Philharmonic, exclusive “Deutsche Gramophone” artist Leticia Moreno on the violin,  as well as pianists Alexei Volodin, Dejan Lazić, Annika Treutler, and many others.

Our program will be very diverse, with works by Bach, Mozart, Shostakovich, as well as Bernstein, Gubaidulina and Piazzolla. Fans of Wagner will not be neglected, with a return of famous soprano Elisabeth Teige. The orchestra will be led by conductors well known to the Belgrade Philharmonic audience, including Gabriel Feltz, Daniel Raiskin, Howard Griffiths, John Axelrod, Christian Mandeal, Uroš Lajovic, as well as newcomers Daniel Smith, Mario Venzago and Stanislav Kochanovsky.