beogradska filharmonija kineska turneja sijan

Mehta: I am confident that the Philharmonic, with Jarvi, will achieve great success in China

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra has arrived in China, specifically in Xi’an, where, under the baton of the renowned maestro Neeme Järvi, the orchestra had its first rehearsal in the impressive hall of the new Belt and Road Culture and Art Center. With a concert scheduled for November 8, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra has been greatly honored to ceremoniously open this magnificent artistic complex and embark on its tour of China, in international celebration of the centenary of the orchestra.

Symbolically starting the tour in the city where the historic Silk Road originated, the Philharmonic, accompanied by Maestro Neeme Järvi, will be marking a century of their musical legacy in the most prestigious concert halls across Xi’an, Beijing, and Shanghai. The legendary conductor, representing the renowned Jarvi musical dynasty, previously performed with the Belgrade Philharmonic back in 1967, 1969, and 1973, and has already established an excellent connection with the current ensemble members.

I am very much looking forward to reuniting with your orchestra again after fifty years! I have vivid memories of my performances in Belgrade; there were three, as far as I recall, and I am delighted  to have the opportunity to see you again on this special occasion, expressed Maestro Järvi, greeting the orchestra at the beginning of the rehearsal.

Maestro Järvi is leading the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra on their China tour in place of Zubin Mehta, who regrettably had to cancel his performances due to health reasons:

I deeply regret having to cancel the tour with the Belgrade Philharmonic. Just recently I had the privilege to perform with them in Belgrade as part of the orchestra’s centenary celebration and was genuinely impressed by their exceptional quality. My very first performance in my career was with this orchestra 65 years ago, and I since then, I have been returning to it regularly ever since. I wholeheartedly recommended the Belgrade Philharmonic for their tour of China, not only because of our personal connection, but also because of the exceptional level of the orchestra. I am immensely grateful to the wonderful Maestro Järvi for stepping in and taking over these concerts instead of me, as I have the utmost confidence in his ability and I am sure that he will achieve a tremendous success in China.

The opportunity to host the inaugural concert in the Xi’an hall is an enormous privilege for the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. Their performance will be etched in history as the first concert of the Belt and Road Culture and Art Center, a venue committed exclusively to upholding the highest artistic standards. The day following the Philharmonic’s concert, the opening ceremony continues with a captivating show directed by the established film director Zhang Yimou, known  for his spectacular work during the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.