The Belgrade Philharmonic is the recipient of a prize for PR communication in integrated campaigns, awarded by the Public Relations Society of Serbia. At the competition for the 21st annual prize PRiZNANJE 2018, the Belgrade Philharmonic was awarded for its project “Picnic with the Belgrade Philharmonic – First Open-Air Concert” held at the Ušće grounds in Belgrade in 2017. The prize was given to the Belgrade Philharmonic’s PR Manager Jelena Milašinović.

At its first open-air concert, also the biggest concert of classical music in Serbia’s history, the Belgrade Philharmonic attracted 30,000 people from the entire country and the region. The contribution that made the communication of this project special is the way in which the Philharmonic included and integrated the community in creating its concert program. The public was invited to select the concert program by voting on the Philharmonic’s website, which recorded a total of 5.8 million votes.

In review of 2017, a number of media companies also proclaimed the Philharmonic’s picnic – first open-air concert as one of the most important events of the year.