New in our series of chamber music concerts will be the performances of the Bassoon Quartet at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall on Thursday and Friday, October 22 and 23, at 8:00 p.m. Our musicians will present all the brilliance and charm of this instrument in various musical styles, ranging from baroque to tango, jazz, and the blues.

The bassoon quartet consists of our colleagues Nenad Janković, Sava Đurić, Dušan Petrović, and Aleksandar Popović. These musicians, members of the Belgrade Philharmonic, will do their best to showcase all the unique features of the bassoon, which is recognized as a very attractive, expressive, and dazzling instrument. The Belgrade Philharmonic’s bassoon quartet will perform the most attractive arrangements of works ranging from baroque to contemporary and popular music.

As part of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s chamber music season, the audience has already had the opportunity to hear our Trombone Quartet, our Double Bass Wind Ensemble, and in November we will feature the piccolo flute, new opera arrangements for wind ensemble, and a chamber evening of Beethoven.