Audio Wednesday will relive one of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s best and most critically acclaimed performances. This concert, performed by the Belgrade Philharmonic and Maestro Feltz at Kolarac Hall on October 25, 2019, was characterized by the world’s leading classical music website Bachtrack as an “event that will be remembered for a long time.” 

The program featured Metamorphoses by Richard Strauss and Beethoven’s Third Symphony, ‘Eroica’.

Generations of notable composers were heavily influenced by Beethoven and incorporated his ideas into their individual musical styles. And the relationship between Richard Strauss and Beethoven is obvious and striking. The echo of Beethoven’s famous Eroica, which has left an indelible mark on the history of music, Strauss gives in his Metamorphoses. He wrote this work distressed by the bombing of German cities after World War II, especially the destruction of theaters, which completely destroyed all cultural life.