Ivan Tasovac

In memory of Ivan Tasovac, who passed away two years ago, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra has shared a heartfelt tribute to its legendary director on its social media platforms:

Even though two years have passed, not a day passes without thoughts of you. You’ve been with us at every concert, never missing a Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, or Mahler. And we haven’t missed the chance to play for you, not just in those concerts dedicated to you.

Can you believe it, we’ve reached a hundred. One fifth of it we’ve spent together on this incredible journey, and what an amazing time it was! Twenty of the craziest, fearless, and irreplaceable years in which we achieved wonders. You left behind a majestic Philharmonic Orchestra and gave us a pride we’ll protect stubbornly. And you know how resolute we can be; we learned from the best.

We keep moving forward, our beloved Tasa, despite all odds!

The grand concert marking the opening of the jubilee season on September 15 was dedicated to Ivan Tasovac by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. As a tribute to the beloved director, tonight’s concert soloist, the Philharmonic’s very own Nikola Ciric, will dedicate the composition Message in a Bottle, which he will perform after Glière’s Concerto for Horn and Orchestra.