Today, the Belgrade Philharmonic organized a surprise concert in Belgrade’s Knez Mihajlova Street to mark the beginning of its concert season. After a limited audience listened to Mozart’s music during the previous three evenings at the Philharmonic Hall, now the orchestra and Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz went outside and played that same program on the street, to the delight of crowds of passers-by.

“With this performance, we are announcing our message for the new season: ‘Music Everywhere!’ The Belgrade Philharmonic will play not only in the concert hall; look out when you enter an elevator, maybe we will be there too,” Director Ivan Tasovac said.

When performing Mozart’s A Little Night Music the Philharmonic musicians created a real concert atmosphere in downtown Belgrade. The audience listened carefully; many people danced, and at the end the orchestra was rewarded with enthusiastic cheers and ovations.