Vladimir Aleksić

Vladimir Aleksić was born in Zrenjanin in 1977. He studied acting at the Novi Sad Academy of Arts. Immediately after graduation, he moved to Italy at the invitation of the Italian theatre company Motus, with which he still cooperates nowadays. With them, Vladimir acted in a number of plays, while in 2004 the Rooms project was awarded as the best theatre project in Italy (Ubu Award).

Aleksić has also worked with Elena Bucci, Pappi Corsicato, Lisa Natoli, Emma Dante, Masbedo and others. He returned to Serbia in 2008 and has since acted in productions by Ivica Buljan, Nikita Milivojević, Iva Milošević, Gorčin Stojanović, Milan Nešković and Stevan Bodroža. Vladimir is also active as a film and TV actor (Žućko – Priča o Radivoju Koraću, Triologia anni 70, Humidity, Rekvijem za gospodju J…). In 2016, he acted in his first play Drugovi, ja se ni sada ne stidim svoje komunističke prošlosti (Comrades, even now I am not ashamed of my communist past), (Serbian/Belgian/French co-production).

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