A new surprise on the chamber music stage of the Belgrade Philharmonic is being prepared for Thursday, November 12, at 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. Piccolo flutist Snježana Pavićević has brought together a diverse ensemble with which she will show all the charms of her small but powerful instrument.

Snježana and her orchestra colleagues will present a wide repertoire, ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary works, and show how the piccolo blends in with wind instruments, strings, percussion, but also with some other, more unusual “instruments.” The audience will hear her emulate an alarm and play along with a real alarm clock, then imitate a fly or a firebug, and many other charming effects.

“We can recognize the piccolo flute in the orchestra mainly by its high pitched frequencies, which “dominate” over the other instruments. It is the “extended arm” of the wind section toward the highest tones. Because of that, it is not always well-liked by members of the orchestra, especially those who are sitting next to it. With this program, we want to show how the piccolo blends in very nicely with other instruments – its friends, as part of various chamber ensembles,” Snježana Pavićević said.

Performing with our piccolo flutist will be Ana Kaličanin Radivojević (flute), Mihailo Samoran (clarinet), Sava Đurić (bassoon), Kornel Papišta (tuba), Aleksandar Radulović (tabor), Jelena Dimitrijević (violin), Ivana Uzelac (viola), Pavle Popović (cello), Milana Zarić (harp), and Sladjana Gajić (piano).