Miloš Milošević, fourth horn

Orchestra member since April 1994.


I take special pride in the professional experience I have gained since 1994 and in cooperating with orchestras in Serbia and in the region.


I am a small-scale producer of rakija and wine, for personal consumption and delight. I like to spend my free time riding in a boat on the river Sava. I am a big fan of fishing and spending time in the nature with my fellow horn players.




Miloš Milošević was born in Belgrade in 1972. He finished the Vladimir Djordjević Primary Music School and the Stanković Secondary Music School, in the class of Prof. Dragan Djurić. He graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Music, where he studied the horn with Prof. Stjepan Rabuzin. In 1997, Miloš attended the masterclass with Hermann Baumann in Varna. Since 1994, he has been a member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, with which he has toured extensively across Serbia and abroad.