Jovan Marković

Orchestra member since 1 April 1987


I take special pride in being member of our Philharmonic… my other home… to which I owe gratitude for having been a part of magnificent events – exquisite concerts with such conducting geniuses as Vladimir Fedoseyev, Leopold Hager and Zubin Mehta, the events that filled my soul with the most intense and, at the same time, the most subtle feelings, making all those years of studying and practicing my instrument worthwhile. This is, simply, something that you just don’t forget… you always remember… and always want to experience it all over again…


I am a passionate lover of the TV series Dr. House and Dexter, football, German shepherds and, of course, music. The most nutritious and delicious food for my soul is the music of silence. In those silent moments, you are able to achieve absolutely anything you can think of… even what you previously thought impossible… and, of course, everything is allowed… because music is the only phenomenon that can put you in this position… and offer you unthinkable nirvana of delight and endlessness… solitude and, at the same time, unbelievable feeling of pleasure and a strange aura of happiness that gradually takes over all your senses as you listen to it, until you are past the point of no return… since music is a powerful, unstoppable and eternal art… both in the atmosphere around us and in the deepest pockets of our hearts.