Bojan Pešić, principal

Orchestra member since 1992.
I take special pride in the Serbian epic poetry – the best poetry in the world.
I am a solitude-loving person. I don’t feel pleasant surrounded by people. I often say things that I regret afterwards. I am not mindful and my mouth operates faster than my brain.
Bojan Pešić was born in Belgrade in 1972. He graduated at the Belgrade Faculty of Music, where he studied with Prof. Ljubiša Petruševski. While still a student, Bojan was hired by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra as the second oboe. In 1997, he enrolled the Mannes College of Music in New York, where he studied with Prof. Richard Dallessio and in 1999 he received the degree of Professional Studies. At the same time, he was the first oboe at The Lyric Theatre opera orchestra from Hoboken New Jersey. In 2003, he completed his Master studies at the Belgrade Faculty of Music. Later that year he became a first oboe of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, the position he has held until the present day.  In the year 2000, together with his close friends and fellow musicians Nenad Janković (bassoon) and Veljko Klenkovski (clarinet), he founded The Belgrade Wind Trio. With this ensemble, he appeared throughout this region of Europe and recorded a CD for PGP-RTS label. In 2005, the trio was joined by flutist Marina Nenadović and hornist Nenad Vasić, transforming it into a quintet that remains active until the present day under the name The Belgrade Philharmonic Wind Quintet.