Aleksandar Dragićević

Orchestra member since 1 January 1983.
I take special pride in my orchestra and the three decades I have been its member. I am also proud of my engagement in chamber ensembles, the Skovran ensemble and the cooperation with the Flute Orchestra.
I am a passionate film lover, an admirer of fine arts, travelling and good books.
Born in Belgrade in 1961, Aleksandar Dragićević comes from a family of artistic background. At 11 years of age, he began studying the trumpet at the Mokranjac Music School. Very soon he realised that the right instrument for him was the double bass. He continued his musical training in the same school with Prof. Vojin Draškoci and Prof. Zoran Kočišević. Aleksandar later studied at the Belgrade Faculty of Music with Prof. Nebojša Ignjatović. In 1983, he joined the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. For many years, he was also a casual member of the RTS Symphony Orchestra and the Belgrade National Theatre Opera, as well as of numerous chamber ensembles.