The official launch of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s new season, titled Five Elements, as well as of the new Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz, is scheduled on Friday, 29 September (Kolarac, 8pm). The season 17/18 opens with a concert from the Earth series and its programme includes Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony and Strauss’ An Alpine Symphony.

Feltz traditionally performs this programme in his inauguration as Chief Conductor of an orchestra. After the Philharmonic Orchestra Altenburg-Gera, the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra where he still holds this position, the Maestro will mark the beginning of this term at the Belgrade Philharmonic in the same way:

“This is my inauguration as the Chief Conductor of your orchestra. What a joy! We are playing my favourite programme. I feel special connection with the Alpine Symphony, which made me chose this profession. At the season’s opening, we will listen to two masters of music who bowed to the nature. Don’t we need the same kind of devotedness to our environment today, as well?” Feltz and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will dedicate this entire season to answering this question, and many others.

The Belgrade Philharmonic’s Five Elements consists of 25 concerts grouped in five series: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and The Fifth Element. The entire season 17/18 has been sold out, which is why the orchestra has once again introduced five additional dates for the five most popular programmes, played as pre‑premiers in what will be known as the Philharmania(c) series.