Our Chief-Conductor Gabriel Feltz will hold a new session of musical talks in the Belgrade Philharmonic’s Music Hall, on Wednesday, 25 April, beginning at 2:00 p.m. This time, through music and talks, Feltz will present two violists, Tamara Marinković-Tomić and Zoran Miletić.
In addition to presenting himself as a pianist in these short matinée concerts, in his talks with the musicians, Feltz discloses interesting details from orchestra life. On Wednesday he will finally reveal why violists are a frequent subject of jokes, but he will also talk about serious topics, like the role of classical music in general culture.
The public is kindly invited to take a short break from their daily activities and come to find out more about violists and their instrument. The program includes Tamara, Zoran, and Gabriel Feltz playing compositions by Clarke, Schubert, and Davidson and conducting informal talks with the audience who will be invited to ask questions.