The Belgrade Philharmonic’s new season has never started so joyfully – with baby concerts, which this institution has held for the first time ever. Instead of one, as planned, the Philharmonic held four free concerts and introduced toddlers into the world of classical music, before many of them had even taken their first steps!

The Belgrade Philharmonic looked completely different, with its lobby transformed into a “parking lot” for scores of baby carriages and its concert hall becoming a music playground. The tots were able to enjoy music while playing on the colorful floor mats placed in front of the orchestra. Others were in the arms of their parents, comfortably seated in chairs, and some were peacefully asleep. Our youngest visitor was Stefan, who was only 23 days old and has already listened to the Belgrade Philharmonic.

Next concert dates are scheduled for January 9th and 10th, at 11 and 12.30 at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall.