Nebojša Mrdjenović (1976 – 2020)

Nebojša was an opponent of form, especially of superfluous words. He was not defined by data or facts, but by his essence – he was all about music. In the most comprehensive sense possible. However, one fact is fascinating; he was one of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s youngest veterans. He arrived here as a 17-year-old cellist, “brushed against” the older generation and welcomed the new when he was joined by his friends from the “Slavenski” school. From a kid in the orchestra to an experienced musician over the next 27 years, he remained what he always had been, in love with music. Because, Nebojša was all about music.

Regardless of genre, he spent his time with music, always. His soul was heavy metal, and punk, and classical music. He was an amazing archive, an unsurpassed treasure trove and creator of a vast audio collection. He was a walking Google for all possible information about any song, any album, any year of release, any band, including the names of all its members, regardless of era. From Depeche Mode, Sepultura, and Rammstein, to Wagner and Shostakovich. From his base – the Belgrade Philharmonic, through the “Men’s String Quartet”, which he founded, to the cult band Xanax, Nebojša was all about music. He was above every category, beyond any hermetic or narrow outlook; as a true musician, he did not have any favorites. He loved the Germans and the Russians alike, but more than anything, like his colleagues, he was the happiest when he put in a hard day’s work.

He adored his instrument, and when he was not playing, he listened to music like crazy. Always with headphones and his collection, even the longest tours were easy for him; as easy as going with the band on a tour of Russia in a Fiat Punto.



Focused on what mattered to him.

He spoke little, but listened to music a lot.

Dear Nebojša, the past tense is just grammar. This is not goodbye, but only a parting until the next gig.


Your Orchestra


I’ve been everywhere and I’ve done everything,

And everyone was a good friend,

On the palm of my hand I looked for the secret,

All I saw was a raging storm… ”  (Zoran Kostic Cane)