I have to admit right away – I was not inspired to practice violin every day, record videos from my terrace, or arrange various songs … none of that appealed to me, especially not taking pictures of my culinary accomplishments. So, what did I do, was there even anything else to do?!

Like a child, I played, I played, and I played! Every day, all kinds of games! I played with Lego bricks, I made masks and spyglasses. I played cards, labyrinth games, games without borders, karaoke… And I could never get enough! Then I ordered a puzzle with 5,000 pieces. It took me 10 days to finish it and my sciatica definitely returned, but it was worth it 🙂

After that we went to Mt. Tara, nature, tranquility, our yard; a real paradise. The best therapy for any crisis, and to be honest, like everyone else, I too felt the crisis. After all, we artists were left without all the things that make up our lives – the live stage, the exchange of energy, the creativity, the emotion, and the experience.

You know that feeling – you don’t miss anything and you miss everything. That is exactly what it felt like.

I miss my rituals at the Philharmonic – morning coffee at our “festive table” in our “Informbiro” Club, breakfast in the concertmaster’s room, always some Mahler on the program… I miss Kolarac Hall on Fridays and my heart skipping a beat when the audience gives us an ovation.

I have heard about the idea of holding ​​concerts as a chamber orchestra. I would really like that because I love chamber music.

Anyway, we are in for a season full of challenges, and I love a good challenge. Also, I can no longer continue baking – I’ll put on weight.