Another Award for the Philharmonic’s Baby Concerts

At the KAKTUS 2019 Integrated Communications Festival, the Belgrade Philharmonic was awarded in the public relations category for the promotion campaign of its Baby Concert series. The prize was presented to Jelena Milašinović, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s public relations manager, at the October 30 award ceremony.

At the 5th Jubilee Festival of Integrated Communications – KAKTUS 2019, the marketing network awarded organizations, companies, institutions, and agencies for their highest quality and most professional individual and integrated promotion campaigns. The awards were decided by a local and regional panel of judges made up of 26 recognized and distinguished professionals from creative, PR, digital agencies and production companies from Serbia and the region.

The promotion campaign for the Belgrade Philharmonic’s Baby Concerts has already been awarded by the Public Relations Society of Serbia, at its annual PR recognition, in two categories – for Best PR Brand and for Communication of a Socially Responsible Project.