Anton Kolar was chief conductor of the Belgrade Philharmonic from 1979 to 1981. In our 20 years of cooperation, from the very first performance with our orchestra in 1978 to 1998, Maestro Kolar conducted an impressive 92 concerts, of which nine on tour in Italy, four in Germany, three in Hungary, and two in Bulgaria, and Czechoslovakia. In addition to concerts at Kolarac Hall, performances were held throughout the country, including Bor, Kladovo, Zaječar, Ćuprija, Gornji Milanovac, Kraljevo, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, and Ljubljana.

His performances with Aldo Ciccolini, Mikhail Pletnev, Nikita Magaloff and an entire constellation of domestic soloists are remembered to this day.

Slovenian conductor Anton Kolar was born in Belgrade and died in Weimar at the age of 80.