As part of the Greek Days in Belgrade, the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall will host a Rebetiko concert by Fotini Velesiotou on 24 April at 7pm. The Greek artist is accompanied by a band: Sotiris Balas (guitar), Iorgos Karamfilis (bouzouki), Nikos Papanastasiou (accordion) and Dionysis Makris (double bass).
Rebetika are urban Greek folk songs from the early 20th century, expressing the attitudes and experiences of people from the margin, from the lower social strata, mostly in the commercial and industrial centres (Piraeus, Syros, Thessaloniki, Smyrna). The songs were widely accepted in the 1930s and gradually became commercialised. The topics are various and the songs are performed with the accompaniment of national, usually plucked string instruments (bouzouki, baglamas, guitar).
The concert at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall will include 18 songs. Entrance is free.