The Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration (FEFA) will organize the 11th annual Europe Day conference, supported by the Delegation of the European Union, TEMPUS programme and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). This year’s principal topic is “Rise of Creative Industries in Serbia and the EU”. The conference will be held on 8 May at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall.
Creative industries produce and use knowledge and information. They include publishing, the media, graphic design, advertising and marketing, music industry, film industry, architecture, programming, dance, fashion, education and design. They are the drivers of competitiveness and a significant factor of economic and social development.
The introductory speech at the conference will be given by Frank Hannigan, Creative Industries Team Coordinator (EBRD). Other keynote speakers include representatives of various creative industry sectors: Dušan Kovačević (EXIT), Violeta Jovanović (Ethnonetwork, NALED), Aja Jung (Belgrade Dance Festival), Prof. Marko Luković, MA in Industrial Design and Ivan Tasovac, Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. Representatives of FEFA will be Prof. Ana Trbović PhD, Prof. Srdjan Krčo PhD, Docent Bojana Maljević, as well as the founders of FEFA Prof. Goran Pitić PhD and Prof. Nebojša Savić PhD.
The partners of the conference are the EU Delegation to Serbia, EU TEMPUS, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Belgrade Dance Festival, Ethnonetwork, EXIT, ICT Hub, Impact Hub Belgrade, Intersection, Serbia Film Commission, StartIT and the Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia.
Please find here the agenda and the participants’ biographies.