The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra was the musical cheering squad on Sunday, May 23rd, supporting the participants of the 36th Belgrade Marathon. Positioned on the Ada Bridge between the 13th and 15th kilometer of the race, the philharmonic orchestra cheered on the runners by performing works by Mozart and Beethoven.

The atmosphere at Ada Bridge, one of the most difficult sections of the marathon route, was fantastic – the runners responded to the BPO musicians’ unique cheering with the most creative applause, conducting back and saluting with bows. For some, intense tempo of movements in Mozart’s A little Night Music, The Marriage of Figaro, Divertimento and the finale of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 reenergized the runners to improve their cadence and results. For others, the BPO stand was a checkout point for taking a break and taking selfies with the Philharmonic Orchestra. Philharmonic musicians and marathon runners are bonded by endurance, commitment and passion, hence the unforgettable atmosphere on the Ada Bridge was filled with mutual admiration and gratitude.

The Ada Bridge has by now become a traditional place for the philharmonic music base. The first time the BPO performed at the same location was back in 2018 at the 31st Belgrade Marathon.