On the Right Track” – is the title of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s new 2022-2023 season. The orchestra will be roving around the world through 25 concerts, accompanied by the best international soloists and conductors, with each concert carrying the name of a city.  Naturally, the season of virtual concert journeys will commence in Belgrade and be dedicated to our beloved leader Ivan Tasovac.

At 25 concerts from September 2022 to June 2023, through 400 years of music history, the Belgrade Philharmonic will pay a tribute to the cities of Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Barcelona, ​​Tel Aviv, Leipzig, Moscow, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Paris, Helsinki, Rome, Hamburg, Havana, London, Beijing, Buenos Aires, New York, Istanbul, Bucharest, Vienna, Venice, and St. Petersburg. By strolling through these different parts of the world, our concert season “On the Right Track” will introduce the audience to a new hundred years of our orchestra and also send a message about the path that the Belgrade Philharmonic will be taking into the future, where a new building will be awaiting us and all music aficionados.

“We invite you to head out with the Belgrade Philharmonic in the new 2022-2023 season. Not really, physically, by plane or car, but carried on the wings of musical notes.

“We will call on 25 cities, historically important and special places, from Budapest to Tokyo, and use music to evoke fairy tales about national traditions, rituals, habits, cross-cultural connections, or all the well-known native stories about human existence,” said Belgrade Philharmonic Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz, who has been working hard with Belgrade Philharmonic music editors Asja Radonjić and Danica Maksimović to ensure that our concert program is indeed “On the Right Track.”

In addition to the chief conductor, who will conduct eight concerts, our “On the Right Track” program will feature Permanent Guest Conductor Daniel Raiskin, as well as maestros John Axelrod, Howard Griffiths, Uroš Lajovic, Cristian Mandeal, Paul Daniel, Marc Piollet, Marcus Bosch, Gerrit Priessnitz, as well as many great soloists. Thus the Belgrade Philharmonic will perform once again with Željko Lučić, Fazil Say, and finally with accordionist Ksenija Sidorova and many stars of the world’s concert scene. Among the local soloists, our “On the Right Track” concerts will feature violinist Tijana Milošević, bassoonist Nenad Janković, cellist Nemanja Stanković, as well as violinist Stanko Madić, plus the music of Isidora Žebeljan and Aleksandar Sedlar.