Stay at Home – Listen to Music!

Instead of concerts for schoolchildren scheduled for the second half of March, the Belgrade Philharmonic will be presenting musical programs for children and their parents, which can be found here:




Since the Belgrade Philharmonic’s concerts have been suspended due to a ban on public gatherings, children will not be deprived of music because they will be able to listen to educational and fun programs that can now be explored at home.

“We cannot wait to be with you again, but now it is important to be responsible to yourselves and to others. In the coming period, the Belgrade Philharmonic will be presenting its programs in this way and asking its dear audience to stay at home and listen to music,” Director Ivan Tasovac said.

The bgf.rs website offers links with musical fairy tales such as The Witch and the Maestro, as well as compositions performed and recorded by the Belgrade Philharmonic for My First Classical Music CDCarnival of the Animals, and Peter and the Wolf.

The author of the story The Witch and the Maestro is Conductor Howard Griffiths, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s longtime collaborator and frequent guest. The music was composed by Fabian Künzli. Our musicians Slavica Perić and Tamara Marinković Tomić are the narrators in this musical fairy tale and they first introduce the children to the strange inhabitants of a village: the String family, the Woodwind family, the Brass family, and the Percussion family, and then we will meet a little witch with a big secret, which the good maestro will reveal. Our orchestra performed this audio story during last year’s meetings with children, when it gave out copies of a book with illustrations and a QR code for listening to the music, which is now available for everyone.

The Belgrade Philharmonic issued My First Classical Music CD in 2017. The narrators for the well-known composition by Sergei Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf, are Gorica Nešović and Dragan Ilić. Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns is performed by the Belgrade Philharmonic and the LP Piano Duo.