Nemanja Radulović (Niš, 1985), the violinist on the top of the world, of astounding energy and unique style. The Paganini of our time. 

Surely, there must be a reason why we have not played together for 17 years. Either we have evolved in different directions, or we have had diverse views regarding the programme, while there has always been an issue with syncing our schedules. This split has surely allowed both sides to grow more mature, before this kind of match were to happen. I am very glad that I received all the support from the musicians in both concerts. Everyone played as one and I am delighted to see that everybody can function like that thanks to music. There are also many good friends of mine in the orchestra, with whom I gew up, went to school together, studied together, cooperated in some projects outside of the Belgrade Philharmonic… All that really made me feel at home.

Bruch’s concerto allows me to express myself and be a completely different person at that moment. The third movement is, sort of, childlish and I am a grown-up child in my personal life. The second movement is important to me, since it relates me to some events that happened in my private life. Whenever I play it, I feel as though I am reliving all of it again. It literally feels like some sort of a therapy, with its harmonies and melody. I am very fond of that concerto and I am pleased that I have returned to this stage with the Belgrade Philharmonic, playing none other that this concerto. This is also the first big concerto that I learned in Belgrade, right here at the Kolarac Gallery, with Prof. Mihajlović.

On Friday, we played a concert from the series For Lovers. Did I identify myself with it, how much of myself did I invest in it, did I let myself be carried by that emotion and am I feeling love? Well, of course, all of that. Three in one!

See you again in the same place on 3 September!