Gabrijel Felc

One conductor, two symphonies, over ninety performers.

Chief conductor Gabriel Feltz is preparing a magnificent symphonic evening with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra on Friday, December 16 at Kolarac Hall, from 8 p.m., with Bruckner’s masterpiece – the grand Symphony No.7 and Schumann’s Symphony No.4 on the program. On a journey to major cities around the world during the “On the Right Track” 2022-23 concert season, the BPO “arrives” in Leipzig, a symbol of culture and tradition and a city of great names such as Wagner, Bruckner, Schumann, and others. The audience will have the opportunity to hear the Orchestra performing two symphonies that were premiered in this city, however, with unexpectedly disappointing response. The first version of Schumann’s Symphony No. 4 was so poorly received that the author decided to compose it again, while Bruckner had finally experienced a huge success with the Symphony no. 7, hence reversing his, until then, almost tragic fate.

We will play two different, but very strong symphonic pieces at the concert on Friday. Schumann’s aspiration was to elevate himself through the symphonic form and free himself from the complex issue he had had about Beethoven, his great predecessor, whereas Bruckner was driven to despair by the isolation, in which he had lived both privately and professionally. However, the grand effort that he had been constantly making finally made sense in the Seventh Symphony, in which we see his enormous, very emotional and moving faith in his own talent. This gigantic piece depicts a fateful journey of the rising from the life’s lowest to the top, thus becoming Bruckner’s masterpiece that brought him international fame, says the chief conductor, Gabriel Feltz.

Seventy minutes of very emotional Bruckner’s music will be a pure delight for the audience and a unique experience for the musicians of the Orchestra. The much admired symphonic piece, which, according to Feltz, represents the very essence in the repertoire of every world-class orchestra, is also one of the favorites of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tickets are on sale at the BPO’s Box Office as well as online.