In celebration of the orchestra’s centenary in a jubilee season entitled Forevermore, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is set to continue its remarkable partnership with the renowned violinist Nemanja Radulovic. This musical journey, conducted by chief-conductor Gabriel Feltz, will unfold on on Friday, September 22nd at the Kolarac Concert Hall, starting at 8:00 p.m. With the beloved superstar, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will mark yet another jubilee – its tenth performance with Nemanja, with Beethoven’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra on the program.

Throughout this jubilee season, each concert is named to pay tribute and celebrate the Philharmonic’s century-long legacy. Therefore, quite deliberately, the second in the series of concerts is aptly titled For Friendship honouring the Orchestra’s close-knit relationship with Nemanja Radulovic, one of Serbia’s brightest stars illuminating the sky of classical music world.

Often hailed as the Paganini of the 21st century by critics, Radulovic shares a profound bond with the Serbian audience that goes well beyond the boundaries of classical music stardom. Hence, it is no surprise that immense interest surrounds this event, with tickets having been sold out for quite some time. Members of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra are eagerly looking forward to performing with Nemanja as it promises to deliver an extraordinary atmosphere that everyone will remember for a long time. While this concert marks Radulovic’s tenth appearance with the orchestra, it also represents his first performance under the baton of Gabriel Feltz and collaboration on one of the most demanding pieces in the violin’s classical repertoire – Beethoven’s Violin Concerto.

The second part of the concert is reserved for Feltz’s expertise in interpreting the symphonic compositions of Gustav Mahler. Following the spectacular performance of Symphony No. 3 at the grand opening of the Belgrade Philharmonic season just last week, the chief conductor will, on this occasion, present Mahler’s symphonic debut, a masterpiece also known as Titan. It is a musical portrayal of Jean-Paul Richter’s work of the same name, in which the central character aspires to a life filled with passion, nobility and heroism – ideals to which the composer deeply resonated.