Teodor Blagojević, principal horn

Orchestra member since 2019.
Teodor Blagojević was born in 1998 in Niš, where he began playing the horn at the Music School in Niš in the class of Prof. Milan Stajić, and from the very beginning he displayed exceptional motivation and dedication to his instrument.
After only four years of playing, Teodor completed elementary and high school in one year and began his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Arts in Niš in the class of Prof. Vladislav Grigorov and later Prof. Milan Stajić. In 2015 he continued his education at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade with Prof. Milan Radić.
So far, he has attended various seminars in Europe and the region and has worked with today’s most eminent music educators such as Radovan Vlatković, Radek Baborak, Will Sanders, Boštjan Lipovšek, Luiz Garcia, Frank Lloyd, Laszlo Seeman, Szabolcs Zempleni, and many others.
Teodor Blagojević has won many awards at national and international competitions, the most important being the “Davorin Jenko,” “Petar Konjovic,” “Ohrid Pearls” competitions and the “Paris International Music Competiton.”
He is a member of many European orchestras for young musicians, such as the “CEI Youth Orchestra” and the “Wonderful Youth Orchestra” (Italy), the “Toppenkurset” (Norway), the “Balkan Youth Symphony Orchestra” (Bulgaria), the “Belgrade Symphony Orchestra” (Serbia), the “Branimir Slokar Academy” (Slovenia) the “El Systema” (Serbia), and the “Deutsche-Skandinavische Jugendorchester” (Germany).
As a soloist he has performed throughout Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Norway, Bulgaria, and Belgium, and the Norwegian media presented him as one of the most promising young musicians in Europe.
Currently he is working as the principal horn of the Macedonian Philharmonic and as the principal horn of the Serbian Radio Television’s Symphony Orchestra.