Jelena Draškoci, second Flute

Orchestra member since 1998
Since the moment when my music teacher Olivera opened her flute box and cast the spell of music all over me, I haven’t been able to resist my urge to play, listen to and talk music, incessantly. I enjoy the feeling of responsibility and gratitude of being a part of the awe-inspiring symphonic music, created by magnificent masters, and I hope that, as a flute teacher, I have put a spell on somebody, too. I take special pride in the fact that I get paid to do a job that otherwise I myself would pay to do.
I am an admirer of truth, of getting lost in the woods, sleeping in meadows and taking family rides on bicycles in places that are not meant for cycling. I like eating food that I have picked from trees by myself and drinking coffee from the cups I have made. Had somebody prevented me from enrolling the Faculty of Music, I would have been a proud owner of a farmers’ pharmacy.
Jelena Draškoci received primary and secondary music education at the Stanković Music School, where she studied with Prof Olivera Mircetić. She has won numerous awards in national competitions, performing both as a soloist and as a member of chamber ensembles. Jelena graduated at the Belgrade Faculty of Music in 1995, in the class of Prof Miodrag Azanjac. As the best student of her generation, she received the award from the Branislava and Jakov Srejović fund. She studied concurrently at the Royal School of Music in Singapore, where she graduated in 1996 as the student with the best graduation thesis in her generation. In 1998, she specialised in chamber music with Prof Olivera Djurdjević at the Belgrade Faculty of Music and earned the Master’s degree in flute performance in 2000, mentored by Prof Ljubiša Jovanović. Jelena Draškoci has appeared with many ensembles and as a soloist with the Stanislav Binički Serbian Army Orchestra and the St. George Strings.